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Maintaining your Shoes & Luggage

Always polish shoes after use. Polish nourishes the leather from cracking and drying out. Place wood shoe trees in the shoes after use, thus retaining the shape and removing moisture. Shoes should not be a tight fit, just a sufficient tension to hold on shoes without stretching at top of heel. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. The life of your shoes can be greatly extended if they are rested between use. If you wear suede or nubuck shoes, brush them regularly. The...

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Suede & Leather Care Advice

Protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils with a scarf or high collar Suede and sheepskin can benefit from a stiff brush after wear to remove surface dirt and keep the nap free. Leather needs wiping with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. When dry apply a special leather polish. A small stain on suede may be removed with a hard Indian rubber using a gentle circular motion. If wet, hang to dry, away from direct heat. Store under a clean cotton cover, never near plastic. The...

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Linen Care Advice

Regular and careful laundering of linen is essential to preserve its colour. Never store used linen. Never store starched linen. The starch will discolour turning your linen yellow. Always keep linen in well ventilated cupboards first covering the shelves with acid free tissue paper. Our linen will always be returned in such paper which you can use for this purpose. Folded linen should always be kept away from direct sunlight. The latter will fade and discolour the fabrics along the fold li...

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Shirt Laundering

Whether it’s a business trip overseas, the society wedding of the year or simply drinks with great friends, your shirt is one of the most noticeable and important parts of your ensemble.

Our shirt service is unique. Collars and cuffs are pre-treated with a special enzyme for the removal of perspiration stains. Shirts are then washed in a "two bath" process where alkalinity is raised slowly to a PH of 11.5. This allows the fibers to swell for superior cleaning. Acids designed for fabrics are then introduced to bring the PH back down to 7. For those customers that prefer a bit of starch and depending on the fabric natural starchs are added. Natural starches have the benefit of being rinsed out with each cleaning and don't build up like inexpensive synthetic starches used by most other cleaners. Optical brightners are replaced to make bring both colored and white shirts back to their original brightness

Shirts are always pressed slightly damp using specalised equipment and then hand finished. This allows for a crisp finish that is impossible to achieve through the use of a hand iron on a completely dry shirt.

Choose how you'd like your much loved shirts to be returned to you. Either expertly folded and packed or on a hanger ready for you to wear when you next need them.

Spilled something on your shirt?

If you spill something on your shirt and need a short-term fix until you can get to Jeeves, never rub the stain as this actually sets the stain further into the fabric. Just dab it lightly! 


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