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Garment Care Advice

  • Hang clothes outside your wardrobe for at least two hours before putting away.
  • Cover the shoulders of clothing; use a cut off dry cleaning cover, to prevent dust. Do not leave in the wardrobe completely covered as the air cannot circulate.
  • Deal with stained clothes as soon as possible. Stains left unattended may develop and damage the fabric.
  • Never rub stains, blot with a white absorbent paper towel – one piece in front and one behind.
  • Rubbing at silk, wool or linen may result in permanent removal of the dye which becomes more apparent after dry cleaning.
  • Rubbing wool may cause pile damage
  • Do not be tempted to apply white wine, soda water, salt etc. to stains it makes the stain more problematic to deal with.
  • Dry cleaning relates best to oil based stains, never dab water on these as water sets the oils into the fabric.
  • Water based stains are more difficult to deal with and can loosen the dye in fabrics. Application of water will exacerbate the problem.
  • Always tell your dry cleaner what caused the stain and what you have done in the attempt to remove it.
  • Dress for the occasion. If attending a ‘High Risk’ event where drink can spill over you (cocktail party), wear something washable.

Jeeves at Your Service

At Jeeves we advise on all areas of fabric care. Information on your garments is essential to that advice, so please try and make time to discuss your needs when you visit us.

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