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Suede & Leather Care Advice

  • Protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils with a scarf or high collar
  • Suede and sheepskin can benefit from a stiff brush after wear to remove surface dirt and keep the nap free.
  • Leather needs wiping with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. When dry apply a special leather polish.
  • A small stain on suede may be removed with a hard Indian rubber using a gentle circular motion.
  • If wet, hang to dry, away from direct heat.
  • Store under a clean cotton cover, never near plastic. The skin needs to breath.
  • If you have a suede or leather 2–piece costume, always take both parts to be cleaned at the same time.
  • Always buy loose fitting skin garments as some are overstretched in manufacture and may never revert back to their original shape in cleaning.
  • Skin garments are expensive to buy from a reputable source and check all panels inside and out have equal colour and texture.

Jeeves at Your Service

Some colour loss may be experienced in cleaning. Jeeves can retint skins, although it may not always be possible to recreate the original results from the tannery.