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Although water is used...this technology is very different from conventional washing.

Jeeves Professional wetcleaning is a complement to dry cleaning. Many garments labeled “dry clean only” can in fact be professionally wetcleaned. Wetcleaning leaves your garments looking immaculate, smelling fresh and feeling soft to the touch.

To professionally wetclean any garment requires a vast understanding of fabrics, the cleaning process and experience that only Jeeves can ensure. Even though wetcleaning uses water, it is much more specialized than home laundry, which can ruin many garments.

To really understand the beauty of professional wetcleaning, it’s important to know the basics of fine garment cleaning in general. To clean any garment or fabric requires that four elements be present: solvent, detergents, agitation and heat. Wetcleaning balances these four elements to create the optimum cleaning environment—one that neither shrinks, stretches, fades or alters the garment.

During cleaning non-toxic detergents and conditioners are used to lift dirt out of the garment and revitalize the fabric. The garments are agitated in the computerized wetcleaning machine just enough to extract the dirt and grime, but not enough to alter the structure, size or color.

The garments are then transferred to a high-tech drying unit that senses humidity as many as 400 times per minute. To ensure that no shrinkage occurs, the dryer automatically stops once the prescribed level of moisture is reached. During drying, the conditioners that were added earlier are heat-activated to soften and freshen the garment.

Another new and entirely non-toxic process brought to you by Jeeves