An Inimitable History
  • GreenEarth Silicone Dry Cleaning

    • For you - Skin friendly, odourless, non-toxic

    • For your clothes - No colour run, safe for delicate trims and fabrics, colours stay brighter, whites stay white, softer wools, no shrinkage
  • Minor repairs and missing buttons are replaced at no additional cost
  • London Quality and standards ensured through regular visits from Jeeves of London specialists and management
  • Free home pickup and delivery
  • Attention to detail - 7-step inspection process
  • Suede's, lethers and handbags are cleaned and if necessary re-coloured to a like new appearance
  • Stains removed using ultrasonic waves. If a stain won't come out we always notify you regarding the options and risks of a more aggressive treatment
  • The best possible results using the most modern equipment at any cost
  • Specialist for your special garments all housed in a centralized processing facility